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Scoring Talent and finding Top Performers in the Recruiting Process

Looking for High Performers ?


TalentScored is an innovative Cloud based solution helping organisations to quickly identify and score High Performers amongst all the recruitment candidates by automatically rating their CV's based on the soft and hard skills you are looking for.


As there is a War on Talent going on, TalentScored is the tool you need to quickly identify and find the High Performers amongst your applicant candidates helping you to speed up the recruiting process and be more efficient.


Finding High Performers

TalentScored is an innovative Cloud based system detecting High Performer characteristics in your applicants CV's and giving them a score.

Using TalentScored, you'll know immediately who are the High Performers in your pile of CVs based on their soft skills and experience.

You'll also know what the strong and weak points are of the candidate before going into the interview, without reading the CV.

Finding the ideal candidate

TalentScored automatically matches your job profile characteristics with the candidates' resumes giving a talent score based on the specific hard and soft skills you are looking for.

You'll immediately know who are the Top candidates for your job profile.


TalentScored helps you to identify and construct the ideal High Performer profile for your organisation.

Scoring and Comparing Talent

TalentScored automatically scores your talent, internal or exteral candidates, for a specific job profile, based on a factual and objective assessment of their hard and soft skills.

Recent research by consultants McKinsey & Company, surveying 6.900 managers (including 4.500 senior managers and corporate officers) finds that high performers increase productivity 40% in operations roles, increase profit 49% in general management roles, and increase revenue 67% in sales roles.

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