Scoring Talent and finding Top Performers in the Recruiting Process

TalentScored is an innovative Cloud based solution scoring talent in the Recruiting process:


  • Automated CV and LinkedIn scoring : High Performer score and Requested Competencies score. Significant saving in CV screening time.
  • Automated scoring of personality traits related to High Performers: valuable attention points in the applicant interview
  • Automated comparison between applicants: factual and objective scoring of their hard and soft skills
  • Retention prediction score for applicants based on your company, culture and talent history and profile
  • Automated search for the best profiles in the market and the best match with your organisation
  • Automated internal search within your organisation for the High Performers and matching competencies



TalentScored comes with a preconfigured CV assessment model, the High Performer model, to detect, assess and score to which degree your applicants are High Performers.

TalentScored also enables you to automatically create CV assessment models based on your job profles, and score your appplicants based on the soft and hard skills from your job profile. You'll automatically know who are your top candidates per required competency.

Next to that TalentScored enables you to easily configure your own CV assessment models.


TalentScored is also mobile friendly application.

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