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A new era with Appreceval

Appreceval is the new, unique Social Media platform focusing on Appreciation, Evaluation, Recognition, Personal and Professional Growth.

The Vision of Appreceval is that everyone is unique, and has a unique package of skills, especially in terms of "soft skills", such as creativity, leadership, communicaton and social skills, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and positive values.




The Appreceval Mission & Vision

Our vision at Appreceval is that everyone can grow into a High Performer, to the very best version of himself/herself, as long as there is respect, appreciation, recognition and positive empowerment, and when the tools are offered in the form of additional training or books in these soft skills.

That is why it is the mission of Appreceval to offer a social media platform where people can appreciate each other, both privately and professionally, and recognize and reinforce the positive values in each other. There is a growing awareness around the importance of recognition and appreciation, but we believe that there is still not enough attention and space for this. With Appreceval we want to fill this gap. It is good that people can formally acknowledge each other and be grateful for who they are and what they do.


Appreceval Vision Mission


Appreceval Services

Appreceval Services

Appreceval offers the social platform for people to appreciate, recognise and positively empower each other. At the same time Appreceval is the platform where you get the tools to continue to grow both personally and professionally into a High Performer, or the best possible version of yourself. Appreceval is also the platform where you can get help to find a new job or mission as an employee or freelancer.

Employers or Recruiters can connect to Appreceval to find their ideal candidate or High Performer.

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